All seas, all straits, all hays, all gulfs,
I’d like to clutch them to my breast, feel them in my arms and die!
Fernando Pessoa, Portuguese Poet

The Feel the Blue slides across the wide sea as if it was a part of it. Designed with charm and a suitable size for small groups, you can let yourself be dazzled and share happy moments with your family or friends.

The endless horizon. The fire of the sun disappearing in the blue, spreading a rainbow of colors that unites the water to the sky. The sweet whisper of the waves. The intense scent of sea and freedom. The moist heat on the skin, in a deep diving into tepid waters. Time measured by the rhythm of the clouds passing by, from time to time, through the blue sky.

Dream coves, where it is impossible to access any other way. Cozy bays. The discovery of land-based historical paradises with the expecting return to the sea as your home at the end of each adventure. Champagne bubbling to accompany the breaking of the waves. The delight of a just cooked exquisite meal. The passion of a unique voyage.

Allow yourself to enjoy this exclusive experience. Feel the Blue.